Measles Immunity Requirement

This page contains everything you need to know about the Measles immunity requirement.

Students: Schedule appointments online and upload your vaccine requirement documentation at Health eConnect, located on your homepage.

For information about COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement and COVID-19 vaccination exemption request forms, visit

What is the Measles requirement?

All students born after 1956 must submit documentation of immunity to Measles (Rubeola). 

If religious or medical reasons prevent you from vaccination, you may sign the waiver included on the back (page 2) of the Immunization Form (PDF). If you have signed the waiver and a Measles outbreak occurs, you will be asked to leave campus for a minimum of 2 weeks from the time of the last diagnosed case, resulting in missed classes, coursework, and compensation from work. 

Students have until the end of week 7 of their first quarter of classes to submit the Immunization Form (PDF) and supporting documentation. After week 7, a hold is placed on the student’s account, preventing registration for the next quarter.

What do I have to do? 

Please complete the Immunization Form (PDF). Include your name, date of birth, Evergreen ID number (A-number), and complete the appropriate option. Don't forget to sign and date your form. 

4 options to meet the Measles vaccination requirement:

  1. Submit documentation of 2 valid doses of MMR vaccine. Doses are valid if received at 12 months of age or older, administered at least one month apart, and not compromised by receiving other immunizations too close to the MMR. 
  2. Submit documentation from a healthcare provider that you have had the Measles (Rubeola) disease.
  3. Submit documentation of a positive titer (blood test) for Measles (Rubeola). A primary care provider can administer the test, or you may request the test at Student Wellness Services during our open hours. The fee is $22, billable to your student account.
  4. Sign the waiver. If you sign a waiver and would like to change your status to reflect immunity to Measles, we can do so with documentation of immunity (see Options 1-3).

Where do I submit my form and documentation?

Enter your Measles immunity status and upload your documentation or waiver form at Health eConnect, located on your homepage. 

Where can I find my records?

If you grew up in Washington, or have received health care services in this state, your immunization records may have been added to the Washington Immunization Information System (WA-IIS), through the Washington Department of Health website. You may sign up for a MyIR account, which will allow you to view a report of all immunizations entered on your behalf. A link (Immunization Records) is also available on our website at, under “Resources” in the right-hand menu. Most documentation of vaccination received by Student Wellness Services gets entered into WA-IIS as a courtesy to our students. This allows students to find their immunization records quickly when they are needed for graduate programs, employment, and future healthcare providers. We are unable to enter records without complete date (month, day, year) and most titers.

The CDC’s website contains a list of all states’ IIS contacts, which may be helpful if you think you have records from another state.

Request immunization records from your current or former primary care provider(s). If you’ve had an employer require immunizations, you should be able to request a copy. Immunization records are often located in parents’/guardians’ records. Previous schools may also have a copy of your immunization records. 

I already submitted my form and/or documentation, why do I still see this in my to-do list in My Evergreen?

Student Wellness Services staff are unable to process forms received during the summer closure until we return in fall. We work diligently to process all MMR requirement forms as quickly as possible before the week 7 deadline. We will only contact you if there is a problem with your form and/or documentation. Please check your voicemail and Evergreen email. 

My Evergreen to-do list items may not refresh frequently, so you may see the MMR requirement in your to-do list after your form has been processed. Student Wellness Services staff will contact you directly only if there is a problem with your form or supporting documentation. If you do not hear from us by week 7 (don't forget to check your email and voicemail regularly) it is safe to assume your form has been processed.

If you have additional questions, call us at (360) 867-6200 during our open hours.

Location and Contact

Schedule appointments online and upload your MMR documentation at Health eConnect, located on your homepage.

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