Health Education & Groups

Student Wellness Services provides a variety of groups and workshops for students. Fall quarter offerings are listed below.

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A variety of psycho-educational and support groups are offered each quarter. We frequently offer groups related to anxiety, depression, stress management, coping skills, self care, and mindfulness practices.

Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop

Creating a more healthy relationship to symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

This two-part workshop is offered on Wednesdays at 4 pm. Each session is remote, and is expected to last 90 minutes. Call Student Wellness Services to sign up.

Participants will learn how to identify symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress and how those impact daily life. We will learn strategies to develop a more balanced perspective in relationship to self, physical sensation, emotion, and thoughts using practices of self-awareness, self-acceptance, kindness, non-judgment, and resilience.

Fall 2021 Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop Information

Managing Transitions Workshop

Strategies for Adjusting to College Life

This is a one-session workshop offered each Thursday at 12 pm. Each session is remote, and is expected to last one hour. Call Student Wellness Services to sign up.

Transitioning to college is both exciting and challenging. With a lot of life changes happening in a short time, it can feel overwhelming to navigate. Topics include connecting with new people, feeling homesick, academic pressures, roommate dynamics, and changes in relationship status. This workshop provides a safe place to talk, get information, and gain skills and support. 

Fall 2021 Managing Transitions Workshop


Available by appointment during the academic weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters

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