Family & Friends Resources

As family and friends of college students, the transitions and changes to your relationship can be difficult. We want to support students and their families in the transition to college. 

Parent Checklist--Wellness

  • Make sure student has copy of insurance information and knows how to access insurance coverage. Think about health insurance, as well as car insurance and/or renters insurance. 
  • Talk with your student about making and understanding budgets and finances. Having a general understanding about your financial aid, FAFSA, taxes, and other key financial components will be helpful.
  • Talk with your student about what to do if they become ill:
    • For colds & flu can try self-care and/or call the Health Center during business hours.
    • For after hours care or urgent/emergent concerns may need to go to Urgent Care facility or ER. The college does not provide transportation.
    • Students with chronic conditions should keep contact with care provider at home as well as establish care with a primary care physician in Olympia. Care Coordinator can help you set this up.
  • Make appointment with current physician/provider for a physical exam and discussion with your student the plan for how to manage care needs while away at school.
  • Send along basic self-care supplies (first aid kit, cold/flu medicine, thermometer, antacids, Tylenol, Ibuprofen) and any necessary prescription medication. Prescription medication should be kept in a safe place and not shared with other students.
  • If your student takes prescription medication, make sure they know how to get medication refilled. There are several pharmacies off-campus on the bus-line.
  • If you and/or your student are considering transferring care to Olympia, consult with your insurance company for a list of preferred providers.
  • Olympia has few psychiatrists available, so if your student is taking psychiatric medication, please continue to work with the current Psychiatrist until established with a Psychiatrist in Olympia.
  • Develop a plan for communicating and checking in with your student. Strategize ahead of time about ways the student might manage stress and make sure they are familiar with available support services on campus in case they need them.
  • Talk about safety in case of a variety of emergencies and crises. Being prepared early can deescalate some of the challenges in the moment.

While this checklist is intended to give a general idea for friends and family, challenges come up. If you are concerned about your student, you may always contact the CARE Team While we will respect FERPA and a students right to privacy, we will also do everything we can to ensure your students is safe and well while here at Evergreen.