Lalita Calabria

"I love spending time in the lab and field with undergraduate students"

lalita calabria evergreen forest

Lalita Calabria '02 is a botanist focusing on taxonomy and field studies with non-vascular plants and fungi. Professor Calabria shares, "I love spending time in the lab and field with undergraduate students conducting floristic inventories, integrative taxonomy studies and herbarium-based research".

In addition to teaching, Dr. Calabria's research focuses on documenting rare and endemic bryophytes and lichens species in Washington, Oregon, and British Colombia, Canada. She is a member of the Northwest Lichenologists, and is the curator of lichens and bryophytes at the Center for Biodiversity Studies, one of Evergreen's public service centers

"I see my role as a professor not only to educate, inspire and mentor students with my knowledge and experience of science, but also to involve students' directly in real-world conservation research through herbarium research, conducting field work, and communicating their findings with other scientists and the broader public."


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