Frederica Bowcutt

I create supportive and motivating learning communities

frederica bowcutt mt rainier

Frederica Bowcutt has taught interdisciplinary botany at Evergreen for 26 years, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. Frederica is the Director of the Center for Biodiversity Studies, one of Evergreen's public service centers

Professor Bowcutt has embraced Evergreen's co-teaching model and has taught with over 22 colleagues in a variety fields, such as history, art, feminism, economics, folklore, geography, and science. She shares, "I create supportive and motivating learning communities where students refine their academic skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing as well as their skills in plant science".

"...students examine the historical context of botany as a discipline and human/plant relations in an inclusive, equity-minded manner".

Currently, Frederica is focusing her research on "an intersectional ecofeminist cultural history of cotton in the American South". She has written many works on her research throughout her career, including her 2015 book, The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood. 


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