Sean Williams

I particularly enjoy teaching about liminality—the in-between

sean williams playing music

Sean Williams embodies Evergreen's interdisciplinary approach to learning. As a professor at Evergreen Sean mainly teaches ethnomusicology, the study of music in its cultural context, because of the expansive nature of the topic Sean often teaches about world music, culture, language, and the social dimensions of sound and music. "I use my singing voice and musical instruments to illustrate my points...students learn to play music, sing, write, and think critically about what they hear, see, and read".

"I particularly enjoy teaching about liminality—the in-between—and issues of race, class, and gender; liminality in connection with music"

Sean also teaches Irish Studies, an interdisciplinary program concluding with a Spring Quarter study abroad. Sean shares, "It is a model for how to understand a place and its people, and I apply that same model to my teaching in other area studies". For more information about Study Abroad at Evergreen and when this program will be open again, contact International Programs and Services.



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