Bruce Thompson


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I teach ceramics courses and have a passion for working with clay.  My background includes academic training in Occupational Therapy with volunteer work for Eastern State Hospital, providing me with a strong respect for neurodiverse individuals.  I have worked for several museums and galleries in Washington and in California and have production pottery experience working for Chistopher Spitzmiller NYC. For the past six years I have been producing custom made ceramic and lathe turned table lamps under the name B Thompson Studio.

I have broad interests that have allowed me to teach a variety of courses including painting, printmaking, 2d design and photography.  I live in Tacoma and love camping, hiking and exploring the waters of the Puget Sound.  I am a huge advocate of the decorative arts and see art making as an expression of identity, culture and self-exploration. Evergreen provides me an ideal environment for obstacle-free opportunities to help students reach their full potential as stewards of creativity.


M.F.A., Ceramics, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2002; B.F.A., Ceramics, Eastern Washington University, 1999.

Teaching Style

My courses train students to work toward a sustainable creative effort as opposed to reaching perfection. Beginning to advanced students will find engaging curriculum that meets them at their individual levels and abilities. Student discussions of creative work drive the curriculum forward and projects have clear guidelines with the resources and support necessary to meet them. Critical analysis of creative work is meant to identify student strengths and accomplishments over mastery of craft.

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