Introduction to Promotional Video

Winter 2023
Spring 2023
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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Whether you are interested in promoting a business or inspiring social change, a solid understanding of video production skills will increase the likelihood of audience engagement with your message.  This two-quarter, entry-level certificate is designed for students who want to learn core skills for developing promotional videos for the web or other marketing purposes. Students will be introduced to the components of video production from project management and message design to storyboarding ideas, recording, editing, and completing a short video to share on the web.

In winter quarter, we'll start with a focus on developing effective messages using image, sound, and editing to create short videos directed to specific audiences. Students will practice project management skills as they compose, record, and edit a series of small productions.  This 8-credit program includes weekly reading and production assignments that explore essential practices in video production. By the end of winter quarter, students will have a basic understanding of the processes and steps needed to complete a short promotional or identity video.

In spring, students will develop their professional skills as they work with non-profit or organizational clients to collaboratively produce promotional video or public service messages for websites and social media.  Students will learn and utilize professional practices and communication skills that can be applied to future internships and jobs. By the end of spring quarter, students will have a small body of work and a variety of experiences that they can use in their e-portfolio or in job applications.

Promotional Video will be taught fully online and features synchronous and asynchronous lessons and meetings. You will need access to a high-speed computer and internet connection to attend classes, use editing software, and complete assignments.

You will also need a microphone and a smart phone and/or camera to create videos. A $50 user fee will allow regional students to check out media equipment and use facilities on the Olympia campus. (The fee will be refunded for remote students who will need to provide their own recording equipment).  Adobe software tools for editing will be provided by the College to all students in the program.


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