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The Evergreen Media Internship Program (E.M.I.P.) is an advanced media program that encourages self-starting and inspired students to pursue their goals and passions through hands-on work in a highly collaborative and professional multimedia environment. Under the guidance of staff supervisors, the program coordinator, the media director and the faculty sponsor, interns develop the necessary skills to thrive in a post-college environment, including creative collaboration, effective communication, emotionally intelligent leadership, and an interdisciplinary approach to multimedia. The cohort is an essential part of Media Services, and in addition to their personal and team-based work and under supervision, the interns provide instructional media support to Evergreen's curriculum, perform maintenance of media labs and equipment, and oversee facilities pertaining to their area of focus. Supported by their field supervisors, interns work full-time in a fast paced and hybrid environment as crew members for various campus productions, post-production projects, lead and attend media workshops and training sessions, and actively seek to utilize the areas’ resources to reach their goals. To promote successful participation, students will be provided with production gear packages for the duration of their internship.

The Evergreen Media Internship Program requires a year-long commitment from Fall through Spring quarters. Students can expect teaching and work hours to be hybrid, with some remote/online activities and significant in-person activities as conditions permit. Media Services follows state and college COVID safety protocols for all in-person activities. Read about the college’s safety protocols and requirements here: https://www.evergreen.edu/covid19/safety-guidelines




Please note that the application process opens on Monday May 9, 2022, at 9 am and closes on Friday May 20, 2022, at 9 am.
The applicationprocess remains openuntil all positions are filled.
Remote interviews to take place between Monday May 23 and Thursday May 26

To apply visit: https://www.evergreen.edu/electronicmedia/evergreen-media-internship

For questions about the program, prerequisites, and the application process, please contact the E.M.I.P. program coordinator: Felicia Ybarra - felicia.ybarra1@evergreen.edu.


To be eligible to apply for this advanced program, students must have junior or senior class standing (at least 90 credits) by the time of application. Students must have successfully completed at least one quarter of an 8- or 16-credit program in areas outside of media. Additionally, students must have a minimum of one year of college-level coursework in media production relevant to the internship; successful completion of Evergreen curriculum such as Mediaworks or advanced programs, or evening audio courses, would count towards these requirements. Eligible transfer students are welcome to apply and will need to outline equivalent prerequisites in their application (at least one quarter of study in areas outside of media and at least one year of intensive media production at the college level).

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Jr - Sr (16): 30055

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To be considered for this program, students must meet the prerequisites and complete an application. Find more information and a link to the application here:


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Jr - Sr (16): 10258

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filmmaking, digital video, media arts, media production, video production, audio production, media education, studio management


$100 per quarter for media and studio fees


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See definition of Hybrid, Remote, and In-Person instruction

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