Ecological and Social Sustainability

Winter 2023
Graduate Only
Class Size: 50
8 Credits per quarter
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The second program in the core sequence examines sustainability at theoretical and practical levels. We will examine how sustainability is understood from multiple perspectives, emphasizing systems thinking and complexity theory at regional, national, and global scales. Students will develop a foundation in climate science, development theory, and energy policy to help them assess current strategies of climate mitigation and adaptation. Seminars, lectures, and workshops will help students refine their critical thinking, writing, discussion, and presentation skills. By the end of the quarter, each student will produce a professional quality research paper (candidacy paper) and presentation based on current scholarship. Candidacy is outlined in the  student handbook .

HYBRID CLASS PRESENTATION:  This class will be offered in a "hybrid" approach. Class meetings will be offered, with both in-person attendance on campus CAL and fully-online (Zoom) options for student participation. Each class session will be broadcasted over Zoom to any students who elect to attend from home or other off-campus location. 

CLASS SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6pm-10pm.


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