Master of Environmental Studies

MES Handbook and Forms

MES Student Handbook

Students must follow the policies found in the MES Student Handbook for the academic year in which they started the MES program.  If your starting year is not on this website, please contact Gail Wootan.

Student Handbook 13-14 (PDF)
Student Handbook 12-13
Student Handbook 11-12
(PDF); Student Handbook 11-12 Addendum (PDF)
Student Handbook 10-11
(PDF); Student Handbook 10-11 Addendum (PDF)
Student Handbook 09-10
Student Handbook 08-09

Registration Forms

Add/Drop Form (PDF) - use this form to register or drop a class when online registration is no longer available (first and second week of quarter).  Also used by waitlisted students to enroll in a full class.

Special Student Registration Form (PDF) - for non-enrolled MES students to enroll in MES electives.  Requires faculty permission.

Graduation Forms

Graduation Checklist (PDF) - steps required by the Office of Registration & Records.  Approval for graduation and participation in the ceremony will be granted by the MES Program Director. To be granted permission to graduate, you must have completed all degree requirements, presented your thesis, had your faculty reader submit your thesis evaluation, submitted your thesis with signature page to the Assistant Director, and paid all fees.

Graduation Application (PDF) - due by week 2 of Spring quarter if you wish to walk at June graduation

Grant Resources

Grant Writing Tips for MES Students (PDF)

Human Subjects Review Resources

HSR Presentation (PowerPoint)

HSR Application Form (PDF)

Transfer Credit Resources

Transfer Credit Request Form (PDF)