Business Management and Organization Behavior

Fall 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 38
8 Credits per quarter
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Having the opportunity to choose one’s colleagues or boss is rare in any job — we usually inherit them when we join an organization. How might you be true to yourself when your boss or client does not value your style of presentation? Which interpersonal strengths can propel us forward in a hiring process? What is an ideal organization, and what evidence can we use to answer that question?

In this experiential class, we explore these types of questions through readings, video blogs, podcasts, live-online activities, discussions, hands-on projects, and your own case studies from a real world organization, testing your ability to build effective relationships. We cover diverse topics, including: motivating people; interpersonal influence; group dynamics; behavior change; organizational design; cultivating an organizational culture of innovation; turning knowledge and awareness into action.

The class weaves together evidence-based leadership, management, and organizational behavior concepts at three levels: individual, interpersonal, and collective.

The class is designed to accomplish three main goals:

You will find that the course concepts are relevant to a variety of organizations — not only businesses, but also governments, non-profits, athletic teams, social clubs, and religious groups.

This course will be on-line (using Canvas, Zoom, and other digital platforms for watching live classes and discussing videos, engaging in live small group activities and hands-on projects, and posting your work). During the first week of class, we will form project groups.

To successfully participate in this program students need a computer and internet access. Students should expect 8 hours of Canvas and Zoom work, including live hangouts, and asynchronous small group work.

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of contemporary management and organizational behavior concepts so that you can understand and analyze how organizations and the people within them work.
  • Develop your own style of leadership, management, and collaboration skills by providing you with opportunities to apply leadership and organizational concepts to real-world problems.
  • Build a diverse and inclusive learning community.


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Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, Public and Nonprofit Administration, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Mentoring, Behavior Design, Organizational Design, Teaching, Coaching, Management Consulting

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