Building a Culture that Grows with the Business: Management Foundations

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Taki Hirakawa
The world is in a 'permacrisis':our planet, society, technology, and businesses are changing faster than ever. We'll need to continue significantly adapting to an ever-changing environment which is fragile and unpredictable. Disruptive forces and frontier AI are accelerating the way enterprises operate and innovate, which places extraordinary demands on business leaders to build trusted organizations, and exposes entrepreneurs and employees to navigate workplaces where there is no clear answer. How might you apply a sense of humor to turn a difficult conversation with your boss or client into an opportunity to build a resilient relationship? Which interpersonal strengths can propel us forward in a hiring process, and how would you negotiate your next job offer? How might you design an effective team in an innovation setting? What is an ideal organization, and what evidence and conceptual frameworks can we use to answer that question?

In this hands-on, practical class, we explore these types of questions through readings, video blogs, podcasts, live-online activities, discussions, small group assignments, and your own case studies from a real-world organization, testing your ability to build effective relationships. We cover diverse topics, including: influencing people, negotiation strategies; managing hybrid workplaces; designing a culture of innovation; turning knowledge and awareness into action.

The class is designed to accomplish three main goals:

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of contemporary management, behavioral science, and organizational behavior concepts so that you can understand and analyze how organizations and the people within them work.
  • Develop your own style of leadership and negotiation skills by providing you with opportunities to apply concepts to real-world problems.
  • Build a diverse and inclusive learning community.

To successfully participate in this remote offering, students need a computer and internet access. Students are expected to participate in 3 1/2 hours of synchronous instructional activities (scheduled on Zoom Meeting) each week. In addition, students enrolled at 8 credits, or 12 credits should expect 4 hours, or 8 hours per week of asynchronous learning activities, respectively, including group work

Fall Anticipated Credit Equivalencies

Enrolling at 4 credits:

4 - Foundations of Management and Organizations


Enrolling at 8 credits:

4 - Foundations of Management and Organizations

4 - Capstone: Enterprise, Strategic Design and Management


Enrolling at 12 credits:

4 - Foundations of Management and Organizations

4 - Capstone: Enterprise, Strategic Design and Management

4 - Management Competencies



Course Reference Numbers

So - Sr (12): 10261
So - Sr (8): 10262
So - Sr (4): 10263

Academic Details

Business Venture, Small Business Management, Startups, Business Strategy and Operations, Managing Sales and Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Innovation Consulting, Organizational Design, Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching, Management Consulting



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