What You’ll Study

Evergreen's Tacoma Program is a full-time course of study centered around a central question, issue or problem that is studied in-depth each academic year.
Students Collaborating

A Tacoma Program seminar group discusses The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

Common Theme, Different Options

The Tacoma Program has an annual theme and common readings among all students. Individual courses connect to the theme in many ways, covering a variety of academic interests.

Every student participates in the Lyceum, a weekly gathering of all students and faculty. The Lyceum is your opportunity to meet with your advisor and work in small groups on a common academic theme.

Students do research, group work and independent projects, taking 16 credits each quarter.

Learn more about current program themes in the Tacoma Catalog.

Spring community fair

The Tacoma Program hosts an annual spring community fair. Open to everyone in the community, the fair gives students the opportunity to share their group projects about achievable positive change.

Research Embedded In Community Action

Each year, all students take on multi-quarter research projects. You’ll identify a problem, conduct research, and determine strategies to address it. Then you'll present your results at the spring fair. People from the community will see your ideas and may even take on your recommendations. You then take the work you did in your junior year and expand it into your senior year.

You’ll develop your own academic pathway to best meet your interests and goals.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) 

Evergreen Tacoma is pleased to announce a new area of emphasis in Early Childhood Education (ECE). This curriculum is part of a sequence that prepares students for entry into a variety of different early childhood education certification programs. Evergreen Tacoma students can complete their studies with a BA degree in liberal studies, with an emphasis in ECE.   

This program is intended for those pursuing an Early Childhood Education emphasis. Students working for an Early Achievers site are also encouraged to apply for scholarships through Child Care Aware’s Washington Scholars Program

If you are interested in this program contact Recruitment Lead, Shawn Harris (Shawn.Harris1@evergreen.edu

Creating Your Degree

Like all Evergreen students, students in the Tacoma Program do not select preset majors. Instead, you’ll develop your own academic pathway to best meet your interests and goals. When you graduate from Evergreen's Tacoma Program, you’ll receive a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Work closely with your advisor and faculty to design a course of study that works for you. Learn more about the faculty in the Tacoma Program.

2022-23 Tacoma Program and Theme

With Liberty and Justice for Whom?