How to Apply

Students applying to Evergreen’s Tacoma Program use the same admissions application as all other undergraduate Evergreen students.


You can apply online or on paper. Learn more about the application process.

Evergreen–Tacoma is not holding in-person intake interviews at this time. You can:

Tacoma Program Requirements

  • Most students begin at Evergreen–Tacoma as a junior or senior with a minimum of 90 transferable college credits or a transferable associate degree.

  • For students with under 90 transferable credits, contact us at – we have options for you! See the transfer requirements information on our Admissions website to learn which degrees or credits will transfer, or request an unofficial transcript review.

  • Complete an intake interview. You can interview before or after beginning the online application, but your application will not be processed until after your interview.Contact the student services coordinator at (253) 680-3005 to schedule your intake interview or if you have questions about applying to the Tacoma Program.