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Literary Arts and Studies

Fuse the art of creative and critical writing.

Spring at the Organic Farm

Bring together creative and critical writing — fusing rigorous literary study with the practice of writing as an art form. You will become a flexible, highly skilled writer and reader. Working in dialogue with authors from a variety of historical, cultural and aesthetic traditions, together we will reimagine the world of literary possibilities.

  • Create and collaborate with a community of dynamic thinkers and writers
  • Discover the diversity of literary traditions and innovations
  • Engage in cultural and intellectual exchange through writing, reading, and translation
  • Explore intersections of cultural and political discourse
  • Pursue the creative process in the development of artistic mastery
  • Experience the excitement of developing a complex manuscript from a blank page to a finished work

Advanced work will prepare you to go further - on your own as a practicing writer; through graduate study in creative writing, literature, library science, communications or the arts; and into careers in related fields.


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Programs that begin in Fall 2020

Programs that begin in Fall 2020

16-credit programs

America in Translation: History, Culture, Theory: Foundations in CTLWS (FW)
Dangerous Reading: Foundation in the Humanities and Arts (FW)
Decision/Making: Foundations in Literary Arts & Creative Writing (FW)
Literature and Philosophy: Projects and Theses (FW)
Reading and Writing for Your Life (F)
Writing Machines: Computer Programming and Literature (FW)

8-credit programs

In the Presence of Beauty: Writing, Healing, Resilience (FW)

Plus 2 and 4-credit classes in Literature, Expository Writing, and Creative Writing

Programs that begin in Winter 2021

8-credit programs:

Autobiography (W)

Plus 2 and 4-credit classes in Literature, Expository Writing, Creative Writing

Programs that begin in Spring 2021

16-credit programs

Decision/Making: Immersed in Story (S)
Literary Arts Capstone (S)
Waiting for Gödel: Mathematics in the Work of Samuel Beckett (S)

12-credit programs

In Other Words: Translations in World Literature and Music (S)

8-credit programs

Queer Literature: Reading and Writing Illness & Disability Experience (S)

Plus 2 and 4-credit classes in Literature, Expository Writing, and Creative Writing

Programs planned 2021-25


  • Literary Arts Foundations: Texts and Context
  • Literary Arts Foundations: Water into Wine
  • Literary Arts Foundations: Decision/Making


  • Re/Mix Re/Verse Re/Mediate: Creative Writing, Environmental Literature, Media Studies
  • Shakespeare: Literature & Performance
  • Writing in Translation
  • Making Meaning: Autobiography and Memoir


  • Advanced Writing: Capstone in Literary Arts and the Humanities
  • Advanced Literary Arts: Narrative Silences
  • Advanced Literary Arts: Creative Nonfiction