Music and Performing Arts

Studying music offers the option of different viewpoints, genres, eras, and sounds. You will build your skills through multiple modes: performance, composition, technology, history, and cultural studies. You can combine music with other fields in the arts, humanities, and sciences, giving you more lenses to approach sounds and the people who make them.

Music is one of three major performing arts. The other two include dance and theater. Students interested in the two sister disciplines may enroll in classes such as Dance Immersion, Cuban Salsa, and Public Speaking as Performance.

Programs change from year to year with rotating programs in music performance,ethnomusicology, music technology, music and literature, musical theater, and others.

Faculty Associated With This Field
Title Expertise
Alexandria, Catherine (Jehrin) Dance, ballet, movement therapy
Buchman, Andrew Music composition
Chandra, Arun Music composition, performance
Elliott, Marla performance, voice, community studies
Gullickson, Andrea Music
Kamen, Ben Music technology and theory
Speights, Arlen Computer studies
Vergara, Zenaida Audio and Music Production
Williams, Sean Ethnomusicology
Wolach, David Creative writing, poetics, aesthetics, media/performing arts