Student Rights & Responsibilities

It is important that students be as informed as possible about the campus they are attending. As part of a process of keeping you informed, the following links will provide you with information on campus safety, substance abuse, and sexual assault.
  • Campus Safety
    This web site includes a page of information on campus safety, including suggestions for crime prevention and a summary campus crime statistics for the past three years.
  • “Rights and Responsibilities—Yours and Ours”
    A page that includes many of the college's policies (FERPA, ADA, non-discrimination, etc.), the Social Contract, the Student Conduct Code, and information about Academics, student employment, athletics & recreation, and campus facilities.
  • Sexual Assault
    A web page on sexual assault summarizes our campus sexual assault response policy and provides information about the prevention of sexual assault.
  • Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act
    A web page summarizing graduation rates and links to crime statistics.
  • Substance Abuse and Prevention
    A web page on substance abuse and prevention, which sets forth the college's policies on drug and alcohol use and lists chemical dependency counseling and referral resources.

I strongly encourage you to read all of these documents. Paper copies of these materials are also available in the Office of the Vice Provost for Student & Academic Life.

I have also included on this page a link to the college’s Social Contract. The founding faculty at Evergreen recognized that a college campus is a special place. They understood that learning flourishes in a climate of civility, openness, and fairness. They wrote a document that calls upon all members of the Evergreen community to sustain these important values. This document is as relevant today as when it was written. Different points of view, often passionately held, continue to be present on campus. Our Social Contract reminds us that for learning to occur, our interactions should remain respectful. I ask you to read our Social contract and aspire to behave in ways that are consistent with the expectations set forth in the document.

Evergreen has embodied much of the Social Contract in the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities, a document that spells out the kinds of behaviors that this college considers to be student violations of community standards.

Those of us who spent the summer on campus have been looking forward to your arrival on campus. Welcome!

Wendy Endress


Wendy Endress
Vice Provost for Student & Academic Life
Library 3009