Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023

Fostering growth, equity, and resilience for our students and for Washington

In September 2020, the Evergreen Board of Trustees approved a new, guiding strategic framework:

Strategic Plan 2020-2023: Fostering growth, equity, and resilience for our students and for Washington

In 2018, we launched Evergreen Renews to deepen our commitment to student success and stabilize enrollment. In 2019, Evergreen embarked on a generative and broadly collaborative process of designing the college’s future, initially through “Blue Sky” conversations, then during the development of “Big Bets,” which evolved into “New Academic Directions.” At the same time, important strategic work of fostering growth, equity, and resilience for our students and Washington has been underway with the launch of the campus climate survey in early 2020 and through the development of our tribal relations plan. The scale of input into this work to design our future has been breathtaking. For example:

  • Hundreds of Evergreen students, staff and faculty have participated in the campus conversations over Evergreen Renews, Blue Sky conversations, and dialogues about Big Bets and New Academic Directions
  • Over 500 ideas were submitted during the Blue Sky process
  • 124 meetings occurred prior to when the new academic concept model was affirmed by faculty
  • 143 students responded to a survey about the ideas

Building on the broad consultation over the last two years, the Evergreen senior leadership team developed this framework of high-level goals, objectives, and tactics. This encapsulates core ideas and initiatives emerging from many cross-campus conversations and strategic work. As of September 2020, there is much critically important work underway, and more planned, to ensure our vision will be well-implemented and transformative for the college. This includes feasibility analyses of curricular elements, anticipated outcomes of the new models of instruction, and identifying resources needed to ensure success.

We will continue to seek broad input on this strategic framework and its implementation as this work continues.