Transcript Format

Contents of an Official Transcript

At the front of every official transcript is a guide to the transcript. The transcript itself has four basic parts:

  1. Record of Academic Achievement: a summary of all your coursework and credits, including transfer credits. It also confirms your degree. (Sample Record of Academic Achievement, PDF)
  2. Your Academic Statement or Summative Self Evaluation (if submitted)
  3. narrative evaluation from your faculty for each course, program, or contract:
  4. Optionally, your self-evaluation, if it was turned in to the Registrar

A printed official transcript will include a digital college seal on the Record of Academic Achievement. These are original documents printed out of our system.

If you have both masters and bachelors degrees from Evergreen, they will be sent together but bound separately.

Unofficial Transcript (Academic Summary)

An unofficial Academic Summary (sample, PDF) shows information in a format much like the Record of Academic Achievement. It may be helpful in showing what subjects you've studied.

Self-Evaluations in the Transcript

Self-evaluations are not included in your transcript unless you turned them in via My Evergreen or to registration in person (prior to 2014).

If you turned it in to faculty but not to registration, then it's not in your transcript. If your faculty said they were going to turn it in, but didn't, then you need to talk to your faculty. Visit the Faculty Directory for current faculty.

If you have a required self-evaluation hold from before Fall 2013, you will need to submit that self-evaluation to your transcript. You may also ask the faculty if they are willing to remove the requirement. If they are, they need to notify Registration & Records that they are no longer requiring you to submit your self-evaluation to your transcripts.

You can also add a self-evaluation to your transcript at any time, but once you've submitted it to your transcript, you can't edit or remove it.

No Grades, No Majors

Because courses are not graded at Evergreen, you won't have a GPA. You aren't awarded any credit for work considered not passing. Your transcript is an in-depth narrative of your college experience, not a number.

Remember, your transcript does not include a major, either. Even if you developed an area of emphasis with help from advising, that emphasis is not included on your transcript or diploma. The credits listed in your Record of Academic Achievement should help demonstrate the breadth of your education.

Many colleges, especially in Washington state, are familiar with our transcripts and comfortable interpreting them on their own. However, we can work with recipients to help them interpret the transcript in unusual situations.