Non-Admitted (Special) Students

Special students are those students who attend without being admitted. Special students cannot earn a degree until applying for admission and being admitted.

Graduate Programs

  • MES: non-admitted students may take four elective credits per quarter with permission from the faculty member. Register in person during the first week of the quarter.
  • MPA: non-admitted students may take a limited number of credits with permission. See the MPA website for more information.
  • MiT: you must be admitted to the program to take offerings.

You may take 8 undergraduate credits per quarter (fall, winter or spring) without being admitted to the college. In summer, you may take up to 20 undergraduate credits as a non-admitted (special) student.

To register, complete the Special Student Registration Form and submit it to the Registration and Records Office by mail, by fax, by email or in person.

Using a state/college employee or 60+ waiver? You’ll register after classes start, which requires a faculty signature. You can only register if there is space available as determined by Registration. Learn more about these waiver programs.

Otherwise, you can begin registering one week after admitted students, following all the same processes and paying the same amount of tuition and fees.

If there are multiple Course Registration Numbers (CRNs), you generally need to use the freshman CRN.

All of the credits you earn can count toward an Evergreen bachelor's or master's degree. But remember: you will need to apply for formal admission to Evergreen before you can graduate and be given a degree.

Using My Evergreen and Your Email Address

Once you’re registered, you’ll get an account for My Evergreen and an email address. Activate your account to check registration details, pay tuition and fees, access course resources, participate in evaluations, and more.

Most official messages from the college will be sent to your email address. You may choose to have your Evergreen email forwarded to another email address.

See the Help Wiki for more information about using My Evergreen and your email.