Cynthia Kennedy

Faculty Advisor

Portrait of Cynthia Kennedy with brown hair and a dark sweater

I am pleased to be given this chance to join Academic and Career Advising as a Faculty Advisor after 25 years as a faculty member here. I first came to Evergreen as an exchange faculty for the Evergreen Tacoma Bridge program after teaching at Tacoma Community College for 7 years. I immediately fell in love with the interdisciplinary nature of the classroom here, the chance to teach in teams, and the ability to work with the same group of students for multiple quarters. I never left.

My main discipline, Leadership and Group Dynamics, pairs well with almost any other area of study, so over the years I have had the opportunity to teach programs in outdoor leadership (both on tall ships and in the beautiful mountains that surround our main campus), business and management, theater, somatic studies, intercultural communication and more. I have taken students on field trips both in the state of Washington and abroad. For the past few years, I have been working on the First Year Experience team helping students transition into college for the first time. So much is possible here. No matter where I find myself, the most important thing is student success. How can each student pursue their own unique interests on the road to graduation? I have a lot of experience connecting students to the resources and people they need to create academic plans to help them meet their dreams.

When not on campus, I can be seen riding my bike (look for the sunflower helmet), watching the Evergreen soccer teams, dancing, playing my guitar, and hiking all over this beautiful region.