Faculty Research and Publications

Our faculty have a diverse set of interests, a testament to which can be seen in their publications below. A great way to learn more about our faculty members is through their professional work.


Shawn Hazboun, PhD

Mayer, A., Olson Hazboun, Shawn and Malin, S., (2020) Reaping Rewards, or Missing out? How Neoliberal Governance and State Growth Machines Condition the Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on Local Well-Being. Sociological Inquiry (in press version available online).

Olson Hazboun, Shawn., Howe, P. D., Layne, C. D., Givens, J.E., (2020) The politics of decarbonization: Examining conservative partisanship and differential support for climate change science and renewable energy in Utah. Energy Research & Social Science, 70, 101769.

Givens, J. E., Olson Hazboun, Shawn, Briscoe, M.D., & Krannich, R.S., (2020) Climate Change Views, Energy Policy Support, and Personal Action in the Intermountain West: The Anti-Reflexivity Effect. Society & Natural Resources.

Hazboun, Shawn Olson, & Boudet, H. S., (2020) Public Preferences in a Shifting Energy Future: Comparing Public Views of Eight Energy Sources in North America’s Pacific Northwest. Energies13(8), 1940.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn, (2019) A left coast ‘thin green line’? Determinants of public attitudes toward fossil fuel export in the Northwestern United States. The Extractive Industries and Society, 6(4), 1340-1349.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn, Briscoe, M., Givens, J., Krannich, R., (2019) Keep quiet on climate: Assessing public response to seven renewable energy frames in the Western United States. Energy Research & Social Science, 57, 101243.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn, Boudet, H., (2018) Companies blocked from using west coast ports to export fossil fuels keep seeking workarounds. The Conversation.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn., Howe, P.D., Leiserowitz, A., (2018) The influence of extractive activities on public support for renewable energy policy. Energy Policy, 123, 117-126.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn K., (2018) “Why are we being punished and they are being rewarded?” views on renewable energy in fossil fuels-based communities of the U.S. west. The Extractive Industries and Society, 5(3), 366-374.

Mayer, A., Olson Hazboun, Shawn K. and Malin, S., (2018) Fracking Fortunes: Economic Well-being and Oil and Gas Development along the Urban-Rural Continuum. Rural Sociology, 83, 532-567.

Olson Hazboun, Shawn K., Krannich, R.S., Robertson, P.G., (2016) Public views on renewable energy in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States: Distinct attitudes, exposure, and other key predictors of wind energy. Energy Research & Social Science, 21, 167-179.


John Kirkpatrick, PhD

Kirkpatrick, John B., Walsh, E.A., D’Hondt, S., (2019) Microbial Selection and Survival in Subseafloor Sediment. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, 946.

Uhlig, C., Kirkpatrick, John B., D’Hondt, S., Loose, B., (2018) Methane-oxidizing Seawater Microbial Communities from an Arctic Shelf. Biogeosciences (in press version available online).

Kirkpatrick, John B., Walsh, E.A., D’Hondt, S., (2016) Fossil DNA Persistence and Decay in Marine Sediment Over Hundred-Thousand-Year to Million-Year Time Scales. GeoScienceWorld, 44(8), 615-618.

Walsh, E.A., Kirkpatrick, John B., Pockalny, R., Sauvage, J., Spivack, A.J., Murray, R.W., Sogin, M.L., D’Hondt, S., (2016) Relationship of Bacterial Richness to Organic Degradation Rate and Sediment Age in Subseafloor Sediment. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(16), 4994-4999.

Walsh, E., Kirkpatrick, John B., Rutherford, S., (2015) Bacterial Diversity and Community Composition from Seasurface to Subseafloor. The ISME Journal, 10, 979–989.


Kathleen Saul, PhD

Perkins, J.H., Kopytko, N., Saul, Kathleen M., (2019) Energy Field Trips: Chernobyl and the Catastrophe with Nuclear Power. Case Studies in the Environment, 3(1), 1-13.

Francis, K., Henderson, M., Martin, E., Saul, Kathleen M., Shangrila, J., (2018) Collaborative Teaching and Interdisciplinary Learning in Graduate Environmental Studies. Journal of Environmental Studies and Science, 8, 343-350.

Saul, Kathleen M., (2017) The Process Model of Displacement: A Case Study Analysis of Three Nuclear Technology Projects. University of Delaware (in press version available online).

Perkins, J.H., Middlecamp, C., Blockstein, D., Rivers Cole, J., Knapp, R.H., Saul, Kathleen M., Vincent, S., (2014) Energy Education and the Dilemma of Mitigating Climate Change. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 4, 354-359.


John Withey, PhD

Yukiko, H., Withey, John C., Lewis, D.J., Newman, T., Kline, J.D., (2020) Anticipating Changes in Wildlife Habitat Induced by Private Forest Owners’ Adaptation of Climate Change and Carbon Policy. PLOS ONE (in press version available online).

Runge, C.A., Withey, John C., Naugle, D.E., Farigone, J.E., Helmstedt, K.J., Larsen, A.E., Martinuzzi, S., Tack, J.D., (2019) Single Species Conservation as an Umbrella for Management of Landscape Threats. PLOS ONE (in press version available online).

Mayor, S.J., Guralnick, R.P., Tingley, M.W., Otegui, J., Withey, John C., Elemdorf, S.C., Andrew, M.E., Leyk, S., Pearse, I.S., Schneider, D.C., (2017) Increasing Phenological Asynchrony Between Spring Green-up and Arrival of Migratory Birds. Science Reports, 7(1902), 1-10.

Martinuzzi, S., Withey, John C., Pidgeon, A.M., Plantinga, A.J., McKerrow, A.J., Williams, S.G., Helmers, D.P. and Radeloff, V.C., (2015) Future Land‐use Scenarios and the Loss of Wildlife Habitats in the Southeastern United States. Ecological Applications, 25, 160-171.

Lawler, J.J., Lewis, D.J., Nelson, E., Plantinga, A.J., Polasky, S., Withey, John C., Helmers, D.P., Martinuzzi, S., Pennington, D., Radeloff, V.C., (2014) Projected Land-use Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services in the United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(20), 7492-7497.

Withey, John C., Lawler, J.J., Polasky, S., Plantinga, A.J., Nelson, E.J., Kareiva, P., Wilsey, C.B., Schloss, C.A., Nogeire, T.M., Ruesch, A., Ramos JR, J., Reid, W., (2012) Maximizing Return on Conservation Investment in the Conterminous USA. Ecology Letters, 15, 1249-1256.