Please review the information and guidelines below before making your gift or donation to the library.

The Daniel J. Evans Library accepts donations of books and other materials that may find a home in one of our collections. Materials donated to the library must be handled at our discretion. The library can only receive materials given without qualification or restriction. While some materials may be placed into the library collection, rare books, or archives, other materials may be sold or otherwise discarded.

While we appreciate all gifts we have a limited capacity when it comes to processing new library materials. For that reason we appreciate that you read and respect these guidelines when considering making a gift or donation of any size. 

Our primary qualification for accepting materials is condition

We accept materials that are in new or "like new" condition.

We cannot accept donations to the library that contain traces of mold, mildew, moisture, or strong odors; nor can we accept materials that have been highlighted or marked on in any way. Any materials we receive that are afflicted with these conditions will be discarded.

Some exception may be made for unique materials that are of historical value to Evergreen for collection in the Archives. If you believe your materials apply, please contact our Archivist using the contact information below to discuss your donation ahead of time.

Liza Harrell-Edge, Library Archivist and Digital Scholarship Manager
Email: | Phone: (360) 867-6126

If you have materials that are in good condition

Smaller donations (one box of items or less) may be brought in and dropped off at the library circulation desk. Please fill out a donation form and include it with the items or ask for a form to fill out at the circulation desk during your visit.

We request that people who would like to make larger donations (anything greater than one box of items) get in touch with us before bringing their items into the library. Our primary contact person for gifts and donations is:

Ahniwa Ferrari, Associate Dean of Library Operations
Email: | Phone: (360) 867-6288

Please be prepared to provide the following information in your email or phone message:

  1. Condition of the materials (see our note above);
  2. Amount of materials you'd like to donate (# of boxes or items);
  3. Why these materials are of value to the library, rare books, or archives collection(s);
  4. Your acknowledgement that we will use our discretion in handling materials once they are in our care, and that this may include selling or discarding items that we are given; and,
  5. Preferred contact information so that we may get in touch if we have questions about your donation.

Donation of Library and Archival Materials Form

Please fill out our revised (2019) Donation of Library and Archival Materials Form before you bring your materials into the library. You may send this via email to but we request that you also include a printed copy with your materials if at all possible.

Other Gifts and Ways to Support the Library

The library welcomes donors who would like to provide monetary gifts or endowments to support ongoing services to our community. If you are interested in providing one-time or ongoing monetary support to day-to-day library operations or special projects, please reach out to Evergreen's Advancement Office to discuss your options.

You may also find a number of ways to give directly on our About the Library page.

Thank you for your generosity!