Supporting Indigenous Arts Mastery Grant

Partnerships for long-range Tribal artistic vibrancy.

2023 gathering of SIAM Grant Partners and artists at House of Welcome
Feather Fan Making Workshop
Feather Fan Making Workshop

About the Grant

The Supporting Indigenous Arts Mastery (SIAM) program is a grant supporting the programming partnerships between public and private colleges (including four-year colleges and two-year community colleges) and Tribes to support long-range Tribal artistic vibrancy.

Grant Applications Open Now

“SIAM” is a term of respect, particularly for an elder with great cultural knowledge of the Coast Salish languages. SIAM is pronounced SEE-am.

2024 SIAM Program Guidelines

Our Goals

SIAM visual arts program

Support visual arts programs that engage with local Tribe(s) to promote culturally important art to the Tribe(s).

Chemeketa Community College Beading

For “culturally important arts” to be defined by the local Tribe(s). They could include traditional arts, or other forms of visual arts (e.g. paintings, carvings, photography, etc.)

SIAM gathering

To establish a relationship in which the Tribe(s) can guide your program about the types of artistic expressions they value. We also hope to see sustainable relationships with the Tribes even after the grant cycle ends.

Santa Fe Micaceous Pottery Workshop
Santa Fe Micaceous Pottery Workshop

Types of Activities Sponsored by SIAM

The Tribes should determine the forms of art they include — not the college.

  • Tribal artist residencies from artists suggested by the Tribe(s).
  • Engagement with master artists from Tribes or nations.
  • Teaching/learning opportunities between colleges and Tribes.
  • On-campus events featuring lectures, workshops, and exhibitions of Tribally-based artists in the program.

SIAM Grant Service Area

SIAM Grant Service Area

Public and private colleges and universities, including two-year and four-year schools, are eligible.

Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California (Southern), Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The following academic institutions have partnered with House of Welcome through the SIAM Grant:

University of Alaska Southeast

University of Alaska Anchorage

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Camosun College

Capilano University

Okanagan College

Montana State University Billings

Santa Fe Community College

Mesalands Community College

Chemeketa Community College

Blue Mountain Community College

University of Oregon

Heritage University

Pacific Lutheran University

University of Wisconsin Madison

Common Questions

Who is Eligible for SIAM Grant?

Requirements for eligibility
  • Colleges or universities that develop public visual arts and cultural programs led by Tribes. Tribal colleges are not eligible
  • The Tribe (s) are to be federally or state-recognized Tribes and/or First Nations from British Columbia within the college's geographic service area
  • The institution must be an accredited public or private college
  • Only one application per college is considered
  • Prior funding does not guarantee funding for year two

How Much Funding is Available?

Funding and proposals

Up to $30,000 - $40,000 will be made available under this initiative. Applicants can submit multi-year (2-year) proposals with objectives, outcomes, and outputs broken down by year.

How Do I Assemble My Grant Application?

Detailed instructions and submission requirements

Detailed instructions and a list of required documents to submit your grant application are available. Please format your grant proposal in Word, PDF, and Excel (budget), collate all materials into a single package, and email to:

How to Submit Your Grant Application

How Does the Funding Cycle Work?

Application assistance

The grant is open now and will stay open until funds are spent. Please review the instructions for submitting your proposal and let us know if you need further assistance.

Before submitting an application, applicants can schedule a phone or email meeting with the SIAM Program Specialist at

What are the Dates of the Application Period?

Rolling applications

Applications are reviewed in the order received while funding is available.

When Will I Be Notified About My Grant Application?

~30 days

Within 30 days of when your application was submitted.

How Will I Be Notified of a Grant Award?

Email / phone

Notification will be sent in writing by email and by phone.

Award recipients must complete The Evergreen State College Foundation grant and contract agreement.

Is a Final Report Required?

Document your completed project

Recipients are required to submit a final report documenting their completed project. The report should address the objectives identified in the application and be submitted by email to the House of Welcome before reapplying or seeking funding for a two-year grant. The report should include a detailed written narrative of the program outcomes describing how the activities were met and a final budget in spreadsheet format. Photos and video documentation of activities are encouraged.

What Kind of Costs Are Eligible?

Covered expenses
  • Contracts and or honorarium for Tribal artists
  • Supplies and materials and cost for arts activities indicated in the application
  • Meals and travel expenses for program workshops
  • Honorariums for cultural keepers supporting artists’ cultural programs
  • May include goods and services, including facility rental fees
  • Minimal staff salaries and general operations costs are acceptable

What Kinds of Activities Are Not Supported by the SIAM Grant?

Ineligible expenses
  • Project activities that have begun prior to the application timeline
  • Projects focused on non-cultural or non-Tribal art
  • Projects focused on “Indigenous” arts broadly
  • College research projects
  • Individual faculty projects
  • Academic classes
  • Fellowships, scholarships, student tuition or fees, theses, or dissertations
  • Fundraising
  • Political and/or religious purposes

Connect With Us

Mary Kummer | Makah Tribe |
Program Specialist, s’gʷ gʷiɁ altxʷ House of Welcome

Laura VerMeulen | Tlingit, Haida Tribes of Alaska |
Director, s’gʷ gʷiɁ altxʷ House of Welcome

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