Evergreen Gallery

The Evergreen Gallery is open limited hours in November, December, and January.

Across the Waters – Longhouse at 25

The Longhouse at 25 Across the Waters exhibition opens November 13, 2021 and runs through January 29, 2022. 

Hours and exhibit details are available on the Longhouse website

The Gallery’s temporary exhibitions reflect the interdisciplinary curriculum of The Evergreen State College, featuring art from diverse cultures, philosophies, disciplines, and media. Often, faculty and gallery staff work in close collaboration to create exhibitions directly linked to their programs; always, the exhibitions are bridges to learning across the curriculum.

Evergreen Student Claire Magula's thesis show titled

Evergreen student Claire Magula presents her thesis show "Out of My Hands."

The Gallery exhibits art by professional artists — local, national, and international — with a show by Senior Thesis students at the end of the academic year. The Senior Thesis process has offered students the opportunity to submit their portfolio to a rigorous review process, and, if their work is selected, to become deeply involved in creating a professional-level exhibition.

The Gallery program has existed since the beginning of the college, and it has been in its current location since 2009. The space itself was designed to be flexible and show works in any media.

Textile artist and Evergreen alumna Janice Arnold installing a piece in the Evergreen Gallery for her one-woman show, Palace Yurt Deconstructed.

Textile artist and Evergreen alumna Janice Arnold installs a piece for her one-woman show "Palace Yurt Deconstructed."

Exhibitions and other Gallery events are free and open to the public. The Gallery program organizes talks, lectures, and hands-on workshops by renowned artists. Depending on the exhibition in the gallery, viewers can see video screenings, performances, interactive installations, etc., in addition to two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks and installations.

Evergreen Gallery logo displaying large EG graphic

The Gallery program also manages The Evergreen State College Art Collection, which has been growing with significant donations in recent years. This is an invaluable resource that is utilized in Evergreen’s teaching mission and in offerings to the larger community.