How to Accept Your Aid

Evergreen makes it easy to accept your Financial Aid offer. Just follow these steps to accept your offers of aid.

Financial aid is released at the beginning of each quarter. You will still receive a bill for tuition, and your financial aid will be included. See Financial Services for ways to get your “refund,” the amount in excess of tuition and fees.

  • Log In

    You can get to your financial aid award information through My Evergreen.

    On the Financial Aid Award page, click on “My Award Information,” then “Award By Aid Year.” Choose the current academic year.

  • Review All Information

    Review all the tabs on this page before you accept your award offer.

    General Information

    This tab provides an overview of the process of accepting financial award offers. Read this information carefully.

    Award Overview

    This tab shows you the following information about your award:

    • How your overall need is calculated
    • Your total cost of attendance
    • A summary of the awards offered to you

    You cannot accept or decline your awards on this tab.

    Resources/Additional Information

    This tab shows any outside scholarships or other resources you may be receiving.

    Terms and Conditions

    This tab shows information about each award you have been offered. You do not need to accept all of the awards offered, but you do need to accept the terms and conditions of them before you can continue.


  • Accept Award Offer

    This screen lists all of the types and amounts of Financial Aid you have been offered.

    • Use the drop down menu under the “Accept Award” column to accept or decline specific awards.
    • Click “Accept Full Amount All Awards” to accept everything you have been offered.

    Print a copy of your award screen for your records.

Still have questions about how to accept your aid? Please call, email, or come by our office so we can help you.