Applying for WASFA

Fill out your WASFA each year beginning October 1st!

What is WASFA?

WASFA stands for the Washington Application for State Financial Aid. This financial aid application is for students who are not eligible to file a FAFSA because of immigration status. This allows the Financial Aid Office to offer WA State Financial Aid and Evergreen Financial Aid to low-income students perusing a Bachelor's Degree who meet the DACA standard or the HB-1079 standard.

To File your WASFA

The WASFA is made available to students each year on Octover 1 at the website Ready. Set. Grad. Evergreen's filing prioirty deadline is February 1 each year. Even if you miss the priority deadline, please apply because financial aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis until it runs out for the year.

You can list up to 10 schools on the WASFA. Evergreen will not receive your WASFA unless we are listed. We cannot consider your WASFA on-time if you add us later. Evergreen's school code is 008155.

For assistance answering questions or filling out your financial aid application please contact Evergreen's Trina Griffis at; 360-867-5204.

Information Needed

The WASFA asks for information about you, the student, as well as your parents if you are considered dependent on the application. This information includes your legal name, date of birth, address and information about your financial situation. If you filed taxes, you will need your taxes available, W-2 information, records of untaxed income, asset information, etc. This information will be from 2 years back, for example, if you are applying for the 2019-2020 year the application will be asking for 2017 income information.

Double check everything

Go back and check the figures and information you entered. Adding or leaving out a zero on income figures or other dollar amounts can cause your eligibility to be calculated incorrectly. Please be sure to check your email regularly as we will send most correspondence to you via email.

Apply for Admissions

Your financial aid application will not be considered unless you are admitted to Evergreen. You can apply on-line at our website Undergraduate Admissions.For assistance with this process please contact Evergreen's Miguel Ovies-Bocanegra (para español) at; 360-867-6170.

Financial Aid Award Timeline

As long as your WASFA is complete and you are admitted to Evegreen by the priority deadline of November 1st, your award will be mailed to you mid-March.