Project Management Services

This work unit is responsible for the development, design, planning, scheduling, and management of campus facilities projects. These projects range from major new construction and large remodels to small projects designed to improve, repair, or enhance existing campus facilities or systems. The Assistant Director for Project Management, Facilities Services and two project managers comprise this work group. Capital projects funded through the state legislature, and many campus requested Recharge projects are managed by Project Management Services.

The Goals of Project Management Services

  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and the community.
  • Consider accessibility as a priority in new construction and remodel projects.
  • Provide project documentation for sharing information with the campus community, contractors, consultants, and others.
  • Continue to develop project management processes and skills.

Responsibilities of Project Management Services

  • Work with clients to define the scope of the project, design criteria, programming, budget limitations, and other considerations.
  • Develop estimates, prepare specifications, and provide construction drawings and documentation.
  • Oversee architectural services as it relates to new construction, repair, and maintenance of existing facilities.
  • Ensure that campus standards, and state and federal building, plumbing, electrical, fire, ADA, Health and Safety, and similar codes are complied with in the design and construction phases of projects.
  • Provide schedules, post notifications, and arrange for work group access.
  • Research products, create material lists, obtain quotes, secure bids, and draft up purchase requisitions.
  • Review submittals from contractors, assist consultants, conduct pre-bid and pre-construction meetings. mmunicate with clients, contractors, consultants, In-house construction staff, and the campus community about the impact and progress of projects as it effects them.
  • Act as primary on-site construction coordinator and owner's representative on construction projects.
  • Process change orders and coordinate the various phases of a project with the different in-house work groups and outside contractors.
  • Monitor project budgets and expenditures, and maintain project records.
  • Inspect ongoing and completed work, and ensuring that project details are completed.
  • Authorize payment for contracted services and close out projects.
  • Assist in future biennial capital program preparation and development.
  • Provide computer software support, technological implementation and a variety of map, drawing, CAD and document management services