Speedy the Geoduck

Speedy embodies the essence of Evergreen's commitment to education

speedy basketball game

Speedy '79 is a geoduck, a large burrowing clam and Evergreen's mascot. Speedy grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives at Evergreen's Olympia Campus where they can visit their friends at the Shellfish Garden on Evergreen's beach, Bushoowah-ahlee Point. As a PNW native, Speedy has friends and relatives from the Puget Sound to the Straight of Georgia in Canada. 

Speedy emerged in the late 60's, winning over many of the founding faculty and staff with their unrivaled ability to let it all hang out. Speedy dedicated themselves to their studies between their arrival at Evergreen and their official adoption as college mascot in 1979. In the summer of '79 Speedy finally earned their bachelors degree and began working as the college mascot full-time. 

Even though Speedy has a degree, they are a life-long learner and continue to educate themselves alongside each incoming class of students, embodying the essence of Evergreen's commitment to education: accessible to all who are willing to dig deep. 

Speedy digs attending campus events, sports games, and college traditions, cheering on Greeners and modeling what it means to let it all hang out. About their experience at Evergreen, the clam shared, "gurgle.....blurp..blurp".