Monica Alexander

A beacon of leadership, resilience and positive change

Evergreen Staff
Monica Alexander speaking at Return to Evergreen 2023

Meet Monica Alexander '13, a beacon of leadership, resilience and positive change. Long before gracing Evergreen's Tacoma campus, Monica was a natural leader. Yet, it was at Evergreen Tacoma that she found the grounding and inspiration she needed to propel her further into her already extraordinary career.

Recipient of the esteemed 2023 Joseph Albert Dear Distinguished Alumni Award, Monica's journey is one of transformation.

“Monica embodies the very essence of the Joseph Albert Dear Distinguished Alumni Award,” remarked Evergreen President, Dr. John Carmichael. “In the spirit of Joe Dear, she has tirelessly committed herself to public service, shattering barriers and paving the way for positive change. Her remarkable journey and unwavering dedication truly exemplify the values this prestigious award represents.”

Her early leadership roles, from Trooper Cadet to Lieutenant, culminating in her retirement from the Washington State Patrol as Captain, showcase a remarkable commitment to public service. Monica is the first Black woman to be promoted to Captain in the history of the WSP.

Monica's dedication to making Washington safer goes beyond the surface. As a proud Greener Grad, she has dedicated her career to not only safeguarding citizens but also reshaping the very foundations of law enforcement. Her journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for positive change.

Currently serving as the Director of Washington's Criminal Justice Training Center, Monica holds the reins in redefining law enforcement education. Her vision extends beyond creating public safety officers; it's about instilling a culture of transformation within a system in need of reform.

Monica Alexander stands as a testament to the Evergreen spirit, embodying the ethos of leadership and service. Join us in celebrating Monica's legacy, a trailblazer in the quest for a safer, more just Washington.

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