Dharshi Bopegedera

Professor Bopegedera enjoys working with her students to break down complex concepts

headshot of Dharshi Bopegedera

Professor Dharshi Bopegedera is a physical chemist teaching introductory and advanced chemistry courses at Evergreen. Dharshi enjoys working with her students to break down complex concepts, designing lab experiments that will challenge them.  

"I love engaging my students in science outreach activities in the local community". 

In addition to teaching at Evergreen, Professor Bopegedera is a councilor for the Puget Sound section of the American Chemical Society. Dharshi has received a number awards for her work, most recently the Award for Incorporating Sustainability into Chemistry Education, sponsored by the American Chemical Society’s Committee for Environment and Sustainability (CES) in 2024.






dharshi bopegedera with a student in chemistry lab

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