Social Justice Center

A space to envision possibilities as we undertake the transformational process of learning about our identities and our collective history.
Social Justice Center Office
Working toward the common goal of justice and liberation we will co-create a community that allows each person to experience a sense of belonging, purpose, and interconnectedness.

The Social Justice Center is for all Evergreen community members to join together in service of the College’s promise to educate our students and ensure that we are aligned with our social justice values.

As a public liberal arts institution, we are dedicated to “collaborative, interdisciplinary learning across significant differences.”

The center is a place of learning, radical wellness, and community care for all, focused on the goal of creating equitable outcomes for our students, staff, and faculty.

The Social Justice Center’s mission is to advance equitable practices at Evergreen, centering the cultural wealth of our community and putting learning and development at the center of our equity work.

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Social Justice Center
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