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I have been at Evergreen since 2005 and am currently serving as an adjunct faculty member. I'm a huge book nerd and my doctorate is in English literature. I've written and edited several books, most recently (a book about teaching and social justice) https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/book-situating-shakespeare-pedagog…. I'm currently working full time at the Washington State Department of Health, where I get to wrestle with the puzzle of helping incredibly busy, incredibly brilliant people find time for meaningful professional development. 


Ph.D., English Literature, University of Pennsylvania, 2005; M.A., English Literature, University of Pennsylvania, 2001; B.A., English Literature, Princeton University, 1999.

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My favorite thing to do in the classroom is to combine political analysis with diving deep into works of art and literature. I provide very detailed course outlines -- it's important for me to make sure that students know what's coming and where they stand. I also believe in having a lot of structure for in-class discussions -- in my experience, unstructured discussions privilege those who already have the most social capital to spend. 

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