Tutor Program

Evergreen/Olympia Tutoring Collaboration

We are recruiting tutors to work through the end of Spring Quarter. Check out our job announcement for more information.


The Evergreen/Olympia Tutoring Collaboration is a community service project that recruits, trains and supports college students to provide effective tutoring and educational assistance to students at high risk of failure in Olympia Public Schools and after-school programs in low-income communities in Olympia . College students participating in the project gain valuable exposure to education as a career path by working with special education and Title I eligible students. At the same time, the tutoring collaboration supplements educational resources in the Olympia School District that have been eroded due to budget constraints.


The project is a collaboration of the Evergreen Center for Community-Based Learning and Action, the Evergreen Student Employment Office, the Olympia School District, and Together!, an agency providing prevention services to youth. The partners have established a program in which Evergreen students receive initial and ongoing training and support in tutoring skills. They concurrently provide tutoring and educational support in four Title I eligible schools (Hansen, Garfield, Madison and Roosevelt), and in Together! after-school programs for low-income communities.

Job Duties

Tutors attend monthly training workshops and periodically meet with the Program Coordinator and Project Directors.

Tutors collaborate with school personnel to assist in a variety of ways. Recently, tutors have tutored math and reading for individual students and small groups, and tutored science. Many tutors support ELL classrooms and special education students. A lot of program work focuses on assisting after-school programs. Tutors work with the school contact person to determine how they can best meet the school's needs.


  • Learn teaching and tutoring skills
  • Gain awareness of issues related to education
  • Learn about the needs of at-risk youth
  • Learn about the needs of students receiving special education services