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Resources and opportunities for academic programs and the Evergreen community. 

Community-Based Learning Opportunities 

Annual Reports

CCBLA Reports


Connecting students, faculty, and community organizations

CCBLA Spring 2024 Newsletter (PDF 3.72MB)
CCBLA Spring 2023 Newsletter (PDF 1MB)

For archived newsletters, reach out to CCBLA staff. 

Student Resources

Get one-on-one help with identifying opportunities to learn, serve and be involved in community change.

Need help? Reach out to us with questions or to meet with our staff. 

Research Assistance 

We can help you research key approaches to community work, including grant writing, ethnography, community organizing and community capacity building. 

Review our resource files on local communities and community-based organizations. 

Plan Your Community Engagement

We are excited to be part of your service-learning experience, use the student forms to plan for your community engagement.

CCBLA Partners


We have a dedicated team of faculty advisors and Center staff with years of experience supporting curriculum. We are here to help you build community-based learning into your academic programs. 

Contact us to learn about past examples of student work at Evergreen and access our community-based service learning resources. 

Community Organizations

It is our mission to collaborate and establish community-to-campus connections. We support local community events, initiatives, and learning opportunities. We would love to partner with your organization, reach out to us to set up a meeting and start our collaboration. 

Fill out the Request for Student Involvement form to let us know how you would like to engage with Evergreen students. 

Request for Student Involvement (PDF)

Additional Resources 

Connect with National Community-Based, Service Learning Efforts.

Reference Materials


Service Learning in the Disciplines - American Association For Higher Education

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Campus Compact

Online database

Searchable database of syllabi by discipline includes hundreds of examples of lesson plans and syllabi that integrate community-based learning. Disciplines vary widely, from chemistry, economics, environmental studies to sociology. 

Campus Compact

National Service Learning Clearing House

Online database

Online database of lesson plans, syllabi and curricula offers a range of examples, including syllabi for ongoing courses as well as curricular materials to support one-time or "day of service" introductions to work in the community. 

National Service Learning Clearinghouse