Community Service Work Study

The Evergreen Community Service Work Study provides a strong campus-to-community partnership, with the Center for Community Based Learning and Action (CCBLA), Student Employment and local organizations. The project places 5 Evergreen Community Service Work Study students in grassroots, non-profit organizations . Community organization staff members jointly interview work study candidates. These placements expand student learning and participation in local social justice organization and developed the capacities of those organizations to support students. Work Study students mobilize additional students and campus support for organizations.

CCBLA hires students in this project to assist grassroots organizations. This capacity building for community organizations is key and provides student work experience in non-profit development. The framework of Community-Based Service learning promotes the involvement of students in the community as valuable organizational resources because they bring passion, interest in learning, and commitment to community efforts and agencies. Community needs determine work study placements.

Project Goals

  1. To identify community needs
  2. integrate work and study
  3. help community organizations build capacity.

Students struggle to integrate work and study: Students with financial need convey their challenges to juggling academic work, community service participation, and work commitments. This project is an effort to integrate work study positions and academic work, creating compensated learning experiences for students with financial need.

Work Study students help community organizations build capacity: Our partnerships support developing, grass roots, non-profit organizations who struggle with limited resources. This project improves campus to community collaborations and student outreach systems.

Evergreen Community Based Learning: This project invests in a campus program that promotes service and increases Evergreen's impact and support for partnerships.

STAFF: Ellen Shortt Sanchez, 867-6859,