Center for Community-Based Learning and Action

The Center for Community-Based Learning and Action links students and faculty at Evergreen with organizations working on a wide range of community issues.


The Center for Community -Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) supports the partnership of academic programs, students, and faculty, with community organizations. We aim to meet mutually agreed upon community needs to strengthen and enhance student learning through critical engagement.


The Center for Community-Based Learning & Action is Evergreen's newest public service center, founded in 2004. The Center traces its roots to the five foci of Evergreen's unique education. Community-based learning increases personal engagement and promotes collaborative work. Theory is linked to practice. Community settings encourage students to learn across significant differences. Evergreen has always integrated community-based work into its programs. For this to continue faculty, staff, students and community members identified the need for a center focused on promoting community action.

Our Mentor - Writings to remember Jacinta McKoy (PDF)

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CCBLA Jacinta McKoy Scholarship


CCBLA has our own leaf on the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural!

What we do


We believe in learning collaboratively within the community, supporting civic engagement, and promoting a better understanding of social justice issues for all involved.

We seek student learning environments that respectfully incorporate the community's unique needs, goals and aspirations.


  • The place for students to discover their strengths and interests by getting involved in community work.
  • A point of contact for community groups.
  • Building connections between community-based learning models and academic programs.
  • Chronicling the history of community based-learning and action at Evergreen.


We offer Community Service and Math Science Teacher work-study positions around the community. From tutoring in local schools to coordinating volunteer events, we have something for everyone. Come to one of our volunteer work parties and see what Olympia has to offer.

Community Groups

We support community initiatives from posting flyers to organizing events and learning opportunities. It is our mission to pursue collaborative ways to establish community-to-campus connections.


We are the center for community -based learning and can help you find placements for students doing community projects. We also have an archive of past work that has occurred and a library of community-based service learning resources.

What you can find at the center

  • A bulletin board with current opportunities for community-involvement.
  • A library of references on key approaches to community work - grantwriting, ethnography, community organizing, and other topics.
  • Resource files on local communities and community-based organizations.
  • Workshops and informal talks on skills for community involvement, community issues, and linking community-based learning with your academic program.
  • Group opportunities for community involvement and service projects.
  • One-on-one help with identifying opportunities to learn, serve and be involved in community change.
  • Information about Students In Service, an Americorps funded program that rewards students performing community service with tuition awards.