Writing, Communication, and Leadership for the Common Good: Creating Change

Fall 2022
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 14
8 12 Credits per quarter
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How do individuals, organizations, and communities use stories, strategies, and structures to create sustainable change?  What does it take to cultivate practices and principles of emergent leadership, do meaningful work, and foster service and reciprocity in our personal and professional lives? How can we learn to thrive in ways that sustain people and the planet, as we envision a world that works for all?

Students will cultivate their leadership styles and emotional intelligence as they learn principles and practices of emergent leadership, civic engagement, strategies for living lives of service and reciprocity, engaging in meaningful work, and practicing ways to care for themselves and others during times of challenge and change. They will learn how diverse individuals, cultures, and communities build systems of community service, altruism, and cultivate resilience and sustainability.

Students will develop individual projects within a strong learning community. Through a rigorous course of study, students will develop habits of organization, critical and creative reading, writing, analysis, and reflection that they can apply to their personal and professional lives. Through a variety of workshops and assignments, they will practice the art and craft of writing, speaking, storytelling, and communication. They will develop skills and techniques for editing, conducting interviews, doing research, giving effective presentations, and using words and images effectively.

Students will apply these skills individually, and in peer-mentoring groups, as they develop substantial independent projects, which can include developing research and writing projects, expository essays, feature articles, blogs, creative writing, or other genres for publication, drafting a grant, doing interviews or community research, developing podcasts or media presentations, completing a creative arts project, investigating a citizen science or journalism project, or other ideas. Participants can also do in-depth research and analysis of nonprofits, businesses, and organizational models, social entrepreneurs and leaders who are making change, diverse cultural perspectives on community work, education, the funding of education and higher education, the arts, sciences, and the role of funding through government or private organizations, social or environmental sustainability, or other issues.

12 credit option: In addition to participating in all program activities, students who enroll for 12 credits will deepen their ability to apply their skills through a 4 credit in-program Individual Learning Contract (ILC) or Internship. The content of the ILC or internship needs to relate to program themes. It can include: independent research, writing, or communications projects, work for local agencies, organizations, business, social movement groups, or another project that combines theory with practice. Students may work with CCBLA, CELTC, or other programs. Projects must be approved by the faculty by the end of Week 1 of the quarter. Email the faculty directly with questions.


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Fr - Sr (12): 10271
Fr - Sr (8): 10272

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humanities, education, writing, literature, storytelling, cultural studies, sustainability studies, community studies, environmental and public policy, government, activism, research, philosophy, social entrepreneurship, human service, public programs,business, government, nonprofit and social enterprise, public policy, fundraising, writing, community service, communications, and education

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$30  for entrance fees to off-campus lectures, presentations, and workshops related to one-day field trips, and for miscellaneous supplies or expenses.

Internship Opportunities

Yes. Students will work with local leaders and organizations and connect to internship possibilities through CCBLA and other venues on and off campus.


In Person or Remote
In Person
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Evening and Weekend
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SEM 2 C1105 - Lecture