Travel, Health, Food, Business, Culture

Winter 2023
Day, Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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This course is an opportunity for students to study abroad for 3 weeks at the end of winter quarter at destinations in Vietnam and India. Students will be immersed in the cultures of the places visited and will be able to pursue project work in topics of their own choosing in connection to those cultures. Among the topics we will foreground are approaches to health and healthcare, religion and spirituality, food and agriculture, and business enterprises and practices in South, Southeast, and East Asia. Students will stay at residences in universities at each destination. We will hear from experts in health, religion, food, and business as well as visit businesses, temples, farms and other places where we can learn about these topics firsthand. Regular seminars will allow us to share and integrate what we have learned. 

This course is explicitly designed to provide study abroad opportunities to students who may otherwise not be able to engage in culturally immersive learning. If you are interested in this course but have concerns that your situation may not allow you to travel for 3 weeks, you are encouraged to contact the faculty, Hirsh Diamant, at to explore how you can join the course. Prior to travel, we will have three meetings (either in person or via Zoom) to review logistics. Please contact the faculty for details. 


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Business and Culture, Health, Food, Tea, International studies

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Day, Evening, and Weekend
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SEM 2 C1105 - Lecture
Study Abroad

Study abroad March 12-April 2 in Nha Trang, Vietnam, and New Delhi and Haridwar, India.

Total Costs: estimated $3850

Required Fees (paid to the college): approximately $2200 which includes lodging, most meals, and in-country instruction

Special Expenses (paid directly by the student): estimated $1500 for international and local transportation.

Administrative Fee: $150 (Nonrefundable deposit to cover administrative costs of running study abroad)