Studio + Field: Advanced Projects in Art and Media

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Julia Zay

This program is the intermediate-advanced offering in the Visual and Media Arts Pathways. Studio + Field welcomes students who are prepared to deepen their interdisciplinary study of the theory and practice of contemporary art and media by pursuing capstone projects in film, video, sound, installation, and 2-D and 3-D visual arts in a structured, supportive, student-driven learning community. Students with an interest in deepening their study of art education, museum studies, or curatorial and archival practices, or in pursuing an arts-related internship are also welcome to apply. Students will develop projects in the context of the program's specific focus on the site, shape, and significance of the following themes: learning and creating in community; structuring our creative process; and experimentation and play. In particular, we will consider the studio and the field (or site-specificity) as two distinct but interrelated locations and methodologies of art-making and creating in community that require different ways of thinking, working, and being in relationship to one’s materials, communities, and contexts. From our very first day, students will be supported in cultivating shared stewardship of our learning community and in identifying the individual gifts, skills and intentions they bring to the learning community, developing emotional intelligence, and skills in leadership and collaboration.

In winter we'll establish our workspaces in our studios, both on campus in a shared community space and at our homes. We will study artists and filmmakers by looking at both their work and creative rituals, practices, and work spaces. We will spend significant time cultivating an awareness of our own creative biography and habits and developing a concrete set of daily shared and individual studio rituals. We will also explore the field as a space for our own artistic research and experimentation by working on collaborative and individual assignments using observation and other site-based practices in the world outside the studio. Students will organize into groups based on shared interests and working styles and create a shared syllabus for weekly meetings. After successfully completing shared assignments earlier in the quarter, students will become eligible to design and pursue an individual or collaborative creative project, creating an individual syllabus that outlines daily studio and fieldwork and the stages of the project, including research. Students will maintain a creative practice in their studios and acquire new skills in workshops, as needed. We will also spend significant time exploring the role of critique and feedback in a creative community, sharing ideas, work and research weekly and honing our skills in active listening, close observation, and generative and supportive conversation. 

In spring students will either continue work on the project they began in winter or develop another project, based in our work on the studio and the field. We will consider the question of exhibition and audiences as students collaboratively design and host an exhibition of their work. Students will also attend workshops on professional practices and protocols, discuss the job and graduate school search, prepare for the application process, and consider the world of grants.

Throughout the year students will present their work and engage in extensive group discussion at each stage of their process. Students will share skills and provide support on their peers’ projects. Students will attend lectures, screenings, and workshops as well as the Evergreen Art Lecture Series, participate in group critiques, read and discuss research material, complete writing assignments, lead seminars, present their research and work, and learn how to effectively document and reflect critically on their working methods and processes. In keeping with our focus on contemporary practices and learning in the field, we will take day field trips to artist studios, galleries, museums, screenings, and site-based works. We will also have a two-night program retreat in winter quarter (cost included in student fee).

Note: We will occasionally use asynchronous and/or remote learning methods when it suits our activity, but not to displace the important face-to-face work we'll do. If pandemic conditions require us to move to remote learning, we will pivot as artfully as possible. 


Enrollment by application: Students must have both the academic breadth and depth to do advanced work in the arts/media. Students must have 1) a broad liberal arts foundation indicated by at least 32 credits of an Evergreen interdisciplinary program or the equivalent study in areas outside of the arts; 2) at least 32 credits of Mediaworks, Studio Projects, or the equivalent foundational in-depth study of the history, theory, and practice of visual and/or media arts; and 3) strong college-level reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills. Students who have successfully completed research projects, long-form essays (20+ pages), and/or individual and collaborative self-directed creative projects are likely to be well-prepared for this program. All students must be prepared to commit to a regular studio and research practice, collaborative as well as individual creative projects, and academic research and writing.

Signature Required Course Reference Numbers
Jr - Sr (16): 20225
Jr - Sr (1 - 16): 20226

This program is closed to new enrollment in spring quarter

Course Reference Numbers
Jr - Sr (16): 30157
Jr - Sr (1 - 16): 30158

Academic Details

visual art, media art, art history, visual studies, media studies, humanities, museums and curation, education 


In addition to a 16 credit option, this program is also offered for 8 or 12 credits. Students enrolling for 8 or 12 credits will have an adjusted amount and/or scale of assignments and projects.


$550 in winter for entrance fees ($20), an overnight field trip ($400), art supplies ($30), and required studio and fees ($100).

$175 in spring for entrance fees ($25), art supplies ($50), and required studio and media fees ($100).

Students wishing to combine their studies with an internship are welcome to do so and should indicate this in their application. Students will be responsible for researching and finding the internship and for working with Academic Advising to develop an In-Program internship contract. 


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Hybrid (S)

See definition of Hybrid, Remote, and In-Person instruction

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LAB 2 2209 - Visual Arts Lab


Date Revision
2022-11-14 Student fee increased by $100 both winter and spring for required media fee.