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Lalita Calabria
Aziz Turkoglu

For millennia, mushrooms have been used as medicine in various cultures across the globe. Today, the medical community has shown a renewed interest in medicinal mushrooms due to their nutritional content and diverse pharmacological properties. This course provides an overview of medicinal fungi with an emphasis on PNW species. Students will learn about the major classes of compounds responsible for the biological activities of fungi, as well as methods of preparing mushroom-based medicines. Students will explore the properties of both wild-harvested and cultivated mushrooms, fruiting body vs. mycelium and extracts vs. powdered preparations. Students will conduct library research to produce 10 medicinal mushroom monographs outlining the chemical and biological properties of each species and prepare a presentation about a medicinal mushroom of their choice. Through these program activities, students will gain practice reading and critically evaluating peer-reviewed papers relating to medicinal mushrooms.

In-person labs will provide students with hands-on experience with the following methods: sterile technique, culturing methods, molecular methods, bioinformatics for identification of fungi, bioassays for examining the biological activities of fungi, and extraction of of fungal metabolites. Students will be expected to maintain a detailed laboratory notebook and will prepare laboratory reports describing the results of their laboratory experiments.

This program will be taught as a hybrid-online offering. To be successful in this program, students will need access to reliable high-speed internet and a computer. Students can expect a blend of 3-6 hours a week of synchronous (scheduled) class including workshops and labs (in-person and on Zoom) and an additional 16-20 hours a week of asynchronous work including completing assignments and conducting library research. This is one of four courses that can be taken in any order which comprise the Mycology Certificate.

This offering is connected to the Mycology Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:…


8 credits of college-level biology

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This offering is connected to the Mycology Certificate at Evergreen.…

This program serves as preparation for careers in mycology, plant medicine, healthcare and pharmaceutical sciences.


$100 fee covers required lab fee ($50) and medicine making and home cultivation kit fee ($50).

Upper-division science credit may be awarded with satisfactory completion of all program work.


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Date Revision 2024-01-12 Was listed as evening only, corrected to evening and weekend 2023-12-28 Additional $50 fee added to program.