Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector and Grant Writing

Fall 2022
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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Interest in the U.S. nonprofit sector has intensified as its importance and distinctiveness receives recognition as a unique area of study and practice.  Although nonprofit organizations share some key elements with those in the public and for-profit sectors, this program focuses on the unique characteristics and topics of the nonprofit sector.  Examples of issues unique to the sector are the prominent role of and heavy reliance on volunteerism, and the tension between organizational mission and funders' demands. Increased involvement in policy making, pursuit of equity initiatives and dismantling oppressive structures, the more cohesive identity of the sector as a significant piece of the economy and administrative state, and the heightened professionalism all converge to make the daily functioning of nonprofit organizations in the twenty-first century a challenging task.

The second half of this program will be devoted to learning the important, useful, and very marketable skill of grant writing. The approach will provide an overview and practical application of effective grant writing. Content will include how to research and make applications to a diverse array of funding sources including federal, state, tribal, and private sources.




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This offering is connected to the Nonprofit Administration Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:

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helps participants interested in a nonprofit career prepare to enter paid work, and will help those already working for nonprofits develop knowledge and skills that will prepare them for nonprofit leadership. The skill set also is useful in public and for-profit sector employment.This course

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Evening and Weekend
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