Graphic Design III: Capstone Projects, Professional Portfolios, and User Interface Design for Artists and Designers

Spring 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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This course (GD3) is a project-intensive remote course where students will build on their skills and knowledge in visual design principles and practices, as well as project development. All students will design and complete an individual capstone project and build a professional digital portfolio of their art and design work. In the process of creating digital portfolios, students will engage with Adobe Portfolio, a web-based portfolio builder, as well as having the chance to learn the website builder of their choosing.

In this course (GD3), we will focus on effective concept and project creation and development as well as professional and career advancement. Starting with their knowledge of design principles, students will gain new skills in user interface design. Students can expect to achieve beginning to intermediate technical competency in Adobe Portfolio and web design principles through online instruction modules, assignments, and instructor support. All students will be given remote access to an Adobe Creative Cloud license while enrolled.

Graphic Design 3 (GD3) is the third in a three-course sequence (GD1, GD2, and GD3), which builds from developing skills and visual acuity into design-led thinking and making. This three-course sequence emphasizes interdisciplinary design and meaningful design work in a social context. All three courses are designed to engage students across a wide range of interests, from commercial to social and artistic. Assignments support the development of design skills and clear and impactful communication but also invite playful, radical, or conceptual interpretations. The three courses move from the fundamentals of effective visual communication (GD1) to direct application work that is focused on design concept creation, brand identity development, and publication design (GD2) to capstone work in student-originated visual identity development, web design, and the creation of a professional digital portfolio (GD3).

In order to participate in this remote-learning course, students will need access to a laptop or desktop computer (new enough to run Adobe software), digital camera (phone is fine), access to the internet, and a flat working surface. We will use the course site Canvas and meet on Zoom. Synchronous participation in the four hours of class is required, and students can expect to spend an additional 6-8 hours per week completing assignments. Students successfully completing the requirements for this course will earn 4 credits in Graphic Design: Capstone Project.



Graphic Design 1 and 2 (or equivalent: Introduction to Graphic Design and intermediate coursework)

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Independent artist/designer, publication design, textile design, web designer or administrator, publication or corporate design, social entrepreneur, arts fundraiser or agent, market researcher, design researcher or manager

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Students can expect to spend $80 on textbooks and supplies.


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