The Fine Art of Revision

Winter 2023
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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This intensive program will help upper-division writers of both fiction and nonfiction to develop the knowledge and skills they need to pursue really meaningful and effective revision of their drafts, especially longer and more complex manuscripts. The program's central assertion, one that we will act on throughout the quarter, is that writers need to view their work from a more skeptical and critical remove as they revise, taking particular care to focus on the real needs of the reader rather than on the ego needs of the writer. Students will learn to approach their drafts with an eye to intention, audience, unity, concision, prose rhythms, logical flow, precise language, and a host of other concerns; they will also learn to dispel the clouds of grammatical, mechanical, and typographical errors that settle on too many drafts. Our work will include skill-building exercises, frequent supportive critiques, one-on-one guidance, and discussion of several inspiring texts on the writer's craft. Expect a fun and challenging environment that can really bring change to your writing.

Note: This program is intended for advanced students who have a demonstrable facility with standard written English, as evidenced by previous written work. Students are welcome to bring work in progress to the program.


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Writing, editing, humanities, education, and any field that values clear and well-considered communication.

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