Core Studio: Theory and Practice of Interdisciplinary Visual and Media Art

Fall 2023
Winter 2024
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 44
16 Credits per quarter
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This foundational interdisciplinary arts program explores themes, practices, contexts, and questions that are central to contemporary artists and creatives. Artists and creatives grapple with a wide range of issues contemporary to their moment, including environmental, social, political, ethical and personal subjects. Each year, this repeating program offers a particular theme and core set of related questions as arts faculty rotate in and bring their particular interests and expertise in 2D, 3D and/or 4D (time-based) media. The program is designed to support students who plan to concentrate their studies on interdisciplinary visual and media arts as well as those who are curious about the skills and knowledge necessary for a wide range of creative work. The skills students gain in this program translate broadly across many fields of study and career paths. No prior art experience necessary–enthusiasm, flexibility, resilience, and a strong work ethic are required. Learning in community is a significant focus of our work together; each student will have a role in cultivating their role in building our learning community of artists with distinct voices and experiences. Students will gain an understanding of how to “read” visual art, film and video and discuss it collectively. They will regularly present their work and get/give feedback through the critique process, which involves discussing their intentions and practices and developing skills in close attention, description, and interpretation of their peers’ creative work.

Core Studio:[6-8 credits] Depending on faculty expertise, students will learn skills and concepts in a combination of artistic approaches that can include: drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, photography, sound, and film/video. Exercises and assignments are designed to encourage students to explore and experiment with materials and ideas. As students gain skills, develop their voices, and focus on creative process and experimentation, they learn to think critically and creatively about the diverse materials and techniques used in artmaking.

Core Studies:[6-8 credits]  Students will integrate their studio practice around a particular set of themes with the history, theory, and criticism of art, media and design and attend the bi-weekly Evergreen Art Lecture Series, all of which presents a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary art issues by artists, writers, activists, and scholars. Through readings, writing assignments, and seminar discussions students develop skills in description, analysis, and interpretation. Students are also supported in finding the connections between the ideas presented in lectures/readings and their own creative intentions and in learning to use research to develop their own lines of creative inquiry.

A fall quarter overnight retreat and visits to regional museums will help us establish our learning community and expand our learning beyond the classroom.

Enrolling in this program for 12 credits is possible; contact the faculty for more information.


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Winter 2024 Registration

Students entering in winter quarter should have earned the equivalent of 8 credits of college-level studio art/media practice and 8 credits of art or media history/theory

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visual art, media art, art history, visual studies, media studies, humanities, museums and curation, education

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$475 in fall quarter for an overnight field trip, museum entrance, and art supplies.

$125 in winter quarter for museum entrance and art supplies.


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