Capstone in Humanities

Winter 2023
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 12
16 Credits per quarter
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This advanced program supports student senior thesis and capstone project work. Mandatory program meetings and readings in theory, research design, and methodology provide a common scaffolding as students work on independent research, writing, and other projects in the humanities, social sciences, and related fields. Based on individual needs, students may incorporate independent language study, other specific skill acquisition, or part-time courses into their senior projects. Credit equivalencies will be based on the specifics of the individual project; possible focus for projects includes interdisciplinary work in history, literature, philosophy, gender studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies and the performing arts, sociology, ethnography, religious studies, and languages. Faculty expertise in U.S. history, American social and cultural history, African American history, and American Studies can provide special support to students working in these fields.

Our approach will emphasize participation in synchronous (live) sessions; however, if students find themselves unable to participate due to technology problems, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, or illness, asynchronous work will be possible.


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Sr (16): 20006
Jr (16): 20007

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Preparatory for studies and careers in

history, literature, religious studies, cultural studies, American studies, gender and sexuality studies, humanities

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SEM 2 D3109 - Seminar