Business Leadership: Interpersonal Dynamics

Fall 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 24
4 Credits per quarter
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Evidence has shown that the average managers spend nearly two-thirds of their time interacting with others. It should be no surprise that interpersonal skills are one of the most frequent determinants for professional success. This course is designed to help students learn some of the interpersonal skills necessary for successfully navigating and leading in today's fast-paced, complex organizations.
This course is designed to help students develop this ability, particularly with people who are different than they are, and to help students unlock their true potential and personal development.
Students observe how individual behavior affects others in real time, practice key leadership skills with peer feedback, and learn to connect across differences. Through experiential activities, students ultimately improve their abilities to authentically engage, communicate, and impact.
The primary learning occurs in the weekly "T-group" sessions in which small, intimate groups of students learn about themselves and the nuances of interpersonal dynamics, aided by the instruction team while the course materials include readings, video, and podcasts from contemporary management, organizational behavior, and leadership.
The assignments include weekly reflection/class takeaways, in-class participation, case exercises, and final reflection report. You will be evaluated on participation, engagement, timely completion of assignments and personal commitment and genuine effort.

ATTENDANCE: Because of the highly interactive nature of this course, it is very important that all students attend all class sessions.
Attendance to the first class is required, and students who are waitlisted should attend the first class.
Please note that this class shares most of the Zoom meetings with our sibling program: Business Management and Organizational Behavior.
This course will be on-line (using Zoom for engaging in live small group interactions and hands-on reflections). There will be no textbook required to purchase for the course.


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