Advanced Studio and Music Production III

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Zenaida Vergara

This program is the culmination of music production techniques into a final project. Students are encouraged to produce their final works as a four-song EP for their portfolio. Instruction will explore creative music production techniques like re-amping, convolution reverb, and the use of unconventional sounds to maximize the impact of musical sections. This program will also introduce the final processes of mastering using Pro Tools and iZotope Ozone plug-ins to author final works using the proper levels for industry expectations.

Students will begin this section by completing their recordings and transitioning into applying mixing elements and creative decisions. Students will focus on detailed editing and compilation techniques to ready the tracks for mixing. A compilation of reference tracks will be utilized to guide the adventure into sonically sculpting their unique sound profile as a producer or musician. Students will critique each other's works creatively and technically based on the artist's intentions and commercial expectations.

By the end of this program students will be able to manage a music production from conception to the final mix, creatively and stylistically apply mixing and recording techniques to maximize the goal of the song, utilize mastering specific approaches to meet industry practices, and provide creative and critical feedback to various levels and stages of music production.


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Accepts students who completed the prerequisite courses, Advanced Art of Mixing and Producing I, II, and Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques I, II, III.

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Jr - Sr (8): 30009

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This offering is connected to the Advanced Studio and Music Production Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:

Music Industry, Sound For The Moving Image and Video Games, Live Sound Reinforcement, Sound Reproduction for Audio Books, Podcasting, and Journalism.


$50 media fee

Students will have access to a certain amount of hours per week to the studios, necessary gear, computers, and software. It is recommended that students also have a personal computer that meets the Pro Tools system requirements, purchase a student license to Pro Tools, and iLok License Manager for additional remote work.


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Com 107 - Recital Hall