Advanced Studio and Music Production II

Winter 2024
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 20
8 Credits per quarter
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This program will introduce you to the advanced Neve 5088 multitrack professional recording studio. This studio showcases some of the best digital and analog systems, converters, analog hardware processing units, and professional studio monitor systems. An impressive collection of studio instruments, orchestral instruments, amplifiers, pianos, drums, and percussion will be available. We will spend a significant amount of time learning advanced microphone types, proper handling techniques, and placement based on instrument selection. We will broaden the use of Pro Tools to match the complexities of routing, managing, and operating multitrack production scenarios. Advanced software includes Universal Audio, iZotope Ozone, Waves Platinum, Antares AutoTune Pro, and Native Instruments Komplete.

This program will take you through the stages of project management by using organizational strategies and tools, employing effective communications through the collaborative process, and mapping out production needs. Students will learn the music producer's role by working with an artist throughout the stages of songwriting, production planning, performance, engineering, and mixing. Students will work collaboratively and gain experience in the various music production roles. Students will also critically analyze music production techniques through weekly research assignments that span historical to present-day methods.

By the end of the program, students will understand the impact that recordings have on the emotional goal of the song, the intersection between technical and creative choices, operate and manage multitrack productions efficiently and effectively, and develop skills in mixing both analog and digital productions.


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Accepts students who completed the prerequisite courses, Advanced Art of Mixing and Producing I, Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques I, II, III. Equivalent coursework or prior experience will be considered. Please email the faculty with a brief description of related experience and/or education.

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This offering is connected to the Advanced Studio and Music Production Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:

Preparatory for studies and careers in

Music Industry, Mixing, Producing, Sound For The Moving Image and Video Games, Live Sound Reinforcement, Sound Reproduction for Audio Books, Podcasting, and Journalism.

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Students will have access to a certain amount of hours per week to the studios, necessary gear, computers, and software. It is recommended that students also have a personal computer that meets the Pro Tools system requirements, purchase a student license to Pro Tools, and iLok License Manager for additional remote work.


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